Most patients come to our office because of pain.  Their first thought is getting rid of the pain.  This is understandable.  Therefore, your initial week or two of treatment in our clinic is focused on passive therapies and chiropractic adjustments geared toward reducing pain and inflammation.  We utilize electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), heat/ice, massage, and intersegmental traction to help decrease pain and inflammation.

As your pain begins to decrease, we transition to active therapy to help you heal faster.  Studies show that passive and active therapies help reduce pain, increase healing and restore the integrity of muscles, tendons and ligaments for better joint support.

Our active rehab therapy utilizes various techniques and equipment to achieve maximum results.

Our goal is to increase strength, flexibility, core strengthening, lumbar stabilization, and overall function after an injury.

Active rehabilitation therapy will help return you back to normal function and the lifestyle you once enjoyed after being injured in a car crash or work-related injury.